Galerie Peyrusse is located in the centre of the historic village of Peyrusse le Roc, in Aveyron (south-west of France). This ancient medieval city crossed by the famous St Jean de Compostelle path has a vibrant artistic culture. In addition to our contemporary art gallery, you will have the opportunity to discover the murals and sculptures of the artist Hervé Vernhes, the P2P céramik shop or the renovation school of The Bastidou. The gallery organises exhibitions from May to October, free entry.

Current exhibitions

Les Sueques

The promotional artwork of the Catalan ‘post-punk indie rock’ group Les Sueques (The Swedes) is displayed in the café area of the gallery. During the 1970’s, after the retreat of the fascist regime, many Europeans began to holiday in Spain, especially enjoying the Catalan beaches of the Costa Brava. The sight of tall, healthy Swedes on the beach behaving without inhibitions had a releasing effect on the indigenous population; these ‘Swedes’ came to symbolise freedom from oppression and enjoyment of life. In spite of issues of identity and independence from Spain, many young Catalans have a lifestyle which would have been unimaginable to the generation before them. The photos show women Catalan freedom fighters. The admiration from the younger generation towards these strong, independent mothers, aunts, and grandmothers is also an influence on the band members.
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Tomida Femina

When the owners of Galerie Peyrusse purchased this old village house, a « secret room », reportedly used to conceal people during the Second World War, offered possibilities of curating an artwork using the qualities and resonances of this hidden space. Tomida Femina is an old birthing chant, perhaps sung by groups of women known as Trobairitz assisting a woman in childbirth – it is also believed to be one of the earliest poems in Occitan – albeit and old form of the language. During the opening evening of the exhibition, Tomida Femina was performed, arranged by Lucy Painter and sung by Amandine Rey, Estelle Viguié, and Lucy Painter. Throughout the exhibition, the song will be presented as a sound installation and we anticipate a second performance on 10th October 2019 in the ruins of Peyrusse-le-Roc.
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Bridget Sheridan

Bridget Sheridan is a visual artist based in the South West of France. Her art looks at the recollection of memories through walking, and our interaction with the landscape, which has links to anthropology and history. 

Her installations combine photography and video projection, with writing and sound.

She regularly exhibits her work in contemporary art centres in England and France, and takes part in artistic and creative events.

She is also an associate researcher at LLA CREATIS attached to the University of Toulouse. As well as having a doctorate in visual arts, she is a lecturer at Jean Jaurès University where she holds workshops and teaches contemporary visual art theory. 

Bridget undertook an artists’ residency at Galerie Peyrusse during 2017, creating a work involving paths, memory and movement. Her light installation at the gallery in 2018 concerned the devastating depletion of boxwood paths, and her light and sound installations in 2019 commemorates the 80 years of the Retirada.

Teresa is one of the thousands of people who escaped Franco’s dictatorship during the successive exoduses of the Spanish Civil War. Now aged 90 years old, she recounts the story of her 11-year old self crossing the mountains with her mother and father, with the help of a smuggler. Both physical and emotional pain merges together during the discussions with Bridget Sheridan. She remembers the throbbing of her feet caused by trekking across the mountain. This pain combined with grief, over the loss of “her” Catalonia and everything that she had left behind at the border.

The installation follows Teresa’s account and explores her memory through image, writing and sound. This story, reminiscent of other refugees’ stories, has been the focus of many archival research projects, meetings and walks through places that Teresa mentioned (the smugglers’ routes, and the beach at Argelès Nord where the refugee camp was based). Thus from this Bridget Sheridan’s artistic practice takes shape: a roaming which begins by reading and listening to testimonies, following the landscape, which is full of traces of our history.

The installation is part of the "Occitan ! Catalan!" exhibition, which runs from 11th May until 31st October 2019.

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Current Events

Occitan ! Catalan !

Womens contemporary art exhibitions and performance The exhibition will take place between Saturday the 11th of May until Thursday the 31st of October 2019 at Galerie Peyrusse Passatge in Catalan – a commemoration of the 80th anniversary of the Retirada, with sound and light installations created by international artist Bridget Sheridan Les Sueques – exhibition of unique promotional art for this Catalan indie punk all female group Tomida Femina – an Occitan birthing song, specially adapted for the exhibition by Lucy Painter Vernissage of the exhibition will take place on Saturday 11th May 2019 at 6:30 pm Entertainment for the evening by Sweet Loba, a chanteuse and harp duo
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